Low-Calorie Smoothie

Cranberry-Ginger Smoothie

Delicious low-calorie smoothie intended to hydrate and start my day with a boost.

Recipe to Cranberry-Ginger Smoothie from Best Health Magazine.

Ingredients (serves 2) / Calories

102 Calories per serving

Low-Calorie Smoothie Recipes

Smoothies are nice a versatile. There are so many options. You can play around with smoothies all day to find your favorite recipes. This particular smoothie has many interesting ingredients such as ginger. I have always heard that ginger is super good for you, but never knew why. It looks like there are many health benefits such as lowering blood sugar and reducing the risk of heart disease. Learn more in 11 Proven Health Benefits Of Ginger from HealthLine. I love that this recipe uses ground ginger instead of fresh because I do not need to worry about it expiring and can use it in the future.

I also love this smoothie because it has cranberries as well as coconut water. I rarely eat cranberries because I find them to be bitter, but this mixture with honey and coconut water sounds fantastic. I also did some research and found cranberries are mostly water and filled with vitamins and minerals along with other facts in the article “Cranberries 101: Nutrition Facts And Health Benefits” from Healthline.

Similar to cranberries, coconut water is also high in water. Plus it has several health benefits and can even help lower blood sugar and may help support heart health, which I learned in addition to more information in the article “7 Science-Based Health Benefits of Coconut Water” from Health Line.

I am also assuming this smoothie is excellent when having too much wine the night before due to all of its hydrating ingredients.

Additional Thoughts

Smoothies are so easy to make. And, they take minutes. But there is room for error. For example, sometimes, when I make a smoothie, I come out with four or five cups of smoothies instead of the two I was aiming for. At first, I just drank them assuming it was supposed to be like that, but I do not think that is the case and I was probably really overdoing it on the fruit. I have googled this and have not found other people having this problem. Since this problem still occurs even when measuring out the ingredients, I freeze the remainder for later. I read you can leave a smoothie in the refrigerator for two days, but I personally do not think they keep and just do not think they are that good.

I also try and taste my smoothie before pouring it out just in case I need to add anything to it. I feel like this is like tasting food before adding salt. You have to try it first.

I prefer not to add ice to my smoothies and use frozen fruit instead. I feel like the ice makes more smoothie and then I end up drinking it and feel bloated and gross instead of fresh and light on my feet. However, with the strong flavor of cranberry, I may still add ice in addition to frozen cranberries to water down the flavor. It will be something to experiment with.

I tend to get hungry after a couple of hours after a smoothie so I like to keep some carrots on hand to avoid any junk food mishaps.

My husband told me drinking from mason jars is very early 2000. I do not know if that is true or not, but I love my mason jars and use them for my smoothies with reusable straws such as metal.

Smoothies are easy and quick to clean up if you clean your blender right away.

Equipment is everything. I feel so lucky because my sister-in-law gave me a Vitamix a few years back, which is completely life-changing. Prior, I used the bullet and it is just not the same. It works, but a nice blender is ideal.

Lastly, I find green smoothies an excellent way to get vegetables and fruits into my kids’ diet. They get a little messy, but whatever works.

Here are some additional Low-Calorie Smoothie recipes I found online.

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