Yoga Schedule

Good news, I teach yoga now.  I only have one real class, but I love it.  It is my favorite thing I do:

C1: Corepower Yoga 1: Wednesday 6pm  @ Corepower Yoga: Walnut Street. 

C1 is a beginner vinyassa flow.  It is the same every week as it is designed to build strength and flexibility. However, for beginner or experienced yogi’s, this is one hell of a workout.  I was surprised as to how good shape I was in when I was able to do the Broadstreet run mainly from doing these Yoga workouts!!

I say only one real class above becasue i also teach John Paul a class every morning.  We get up at 5:38, yoga in our yard starts at 5:45.  Once I am more versed, we will offer classes to those in our neighborhood …. exciting!!!