Yoga Kicks My Butt

This week, I attended five yoga classes at Sojourn Yoga in Drexel Hill. This happened because I got an idea in my head … Yoga Teacher Training. Core Power Yoga has a class starting in the beginning of October … I love it there. I get my ass kicked every time!!!. However, it’s three thousand dollars to attend … Ugh!! My very sweet parents even offered to help me pay for it. That is ridiculous and I would be taking advantage of their generosity. In reality, I should pretend I’m an adult and sign up for a payment plan, but I just can’t right now. Don’t get me wrong, I think this is a very worthwhile investment and I fully intend on pursuing this endeavor in the near future. However, I have many trips planned, fixes to my house, and so much more, that I need to try to be conscience of my spending. For now, I purchased an unlimited monthly pass at the yoga studio down the street and am going as much as I can. Side Note: I am not going to lie, secretly, I am still thinking about living in the moment, doing the teacher training and worrying about other financial responsibilities later … this back and forth in my head is just a dramatic thing I drag myself through to make myself feel like a responsible person … it’s silly. Stay tuned.
Despite how active I am, I found out this week, I am in awful yoga shape. I didn’t feel it till this morning at my 8:30 Still Class. I was so stiff. I could hardly move … It was so embarrassing. I do think it is in part an afrwe effect of yesterday’s “run.” I learned last week, that the Philadelphia Marathon running from November 18th – November 20th includes an 8k in the weekend lineup. I can do that. I might even be able to do the half, but I need to get training, which entails three small runs a week and one long run on the weekend. I think the pain started yesterday when, two and a half miles into my long run, I suddenly had to go to the bathroom so badly that I could not run anymore. How odd I thought, but now, looking back on the situation, I believe this sudden urge to poo was brought on by the magnesium supplements I have been taking … perhaps it’s time to ease up on my daily intake. Anyway, I was convinced I was going to poop my pants … Recently, I have heard this happen to several people and I know I wouldn’t handle it well so I slowly walked over to Rite Aid, where they graciously allowed me to use the employee bathroom. This was far more embarrassing than not being able to move at Yoga. I felt like I had to purchase something so I go a blue Gatorade. For some reason, holding the bottle while running was an asinine and foreign concept so I downed the Gatorade and started to run. Terrible idea. My stomach was to full to move and I had to walk home. I went some crazy weird way, I don’t know why and ended up walking very very far. I believe this, in combination with being shockingly out of shape, attributed to my disastrous and painful morning at yoga. I took my stiffness as a sign to give my body a running break and went and played tennis with my Dad. But, no more breaks, tomorrow, it is back to one yoga class and one small run. I just have to keep pushing through … it is about to all feel sooooo good!!!

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