When I first became pregnant, I had two big fears, weight gain and pulling my back out … I was one of those pregnant people that just blew up. It was crazy and I imagined throwing out my back at work and just lying on my office floor unable to move and too heavy to be able to lift … my personal nightmare. I also read workouts help with delivery as well as postpartum depression … I’m on board.

Fortunately, I have always lead an active lifestyle and continuing to workout came naturally. However, I found out very early on that my workouts had to change … a lot. No heated yoga, no lying on your stomach, no twisting. Plus, I was out of breath quickly because I am carrying high and uncomfortable in my body becasue my boobs got so damn large. However, prenatal yoga was too slow for me. Eventually, I found a studio where I can still yoga class at least three times a week even during my third trimester … I am at 34 weeks. It’s the type of yoga that involves holding postures for a long period of time opposed to flowing from movement to movement. I have heard that pregnancy allows you to reach your greatest flexibility, however, i don’t think that is happening for me. In fact, I could not even do all the moves this morning because my shoulders were too tight … I feel like I could definitely do it before. And, I am going to be very un yoga like at this time and tell you that everyone else in the class was doing this so easily … even the men were doing it. Ugh! Oh well, it still feels good to get up an move.

On top of yoga, I swim as much as possible. My husband and I joined a local pool and it has been a life savor. I pretty much go every day after work even if it is only for twenty minutes. We do headstands, flips, laps and races … pretty much anything to keep moving. I think the baby likes it … or I just tell myself that and it works out just fine. Plus, I am completely exhausted at the end of the day. I am not going far enough to say i am tired enough the sleep through the night, but I sleep a lot better than I was.

Pre-pregnancy Workouts