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Oh my goodness! It has been so long since my last post. I have missed my blog, but I have been running all over the place …. I have so many things to discuss, but will keep it short. I went to Longwood Garden’s Nightscape, which was absolutely amazing. I may even prefer it to the Christmas Show … it was a lot less crowded, warm, and there is live music on Thursdays. I cooked a few dishes that I will add to my recipes page, got sick and missed three get togethers … two birthdays and a trip to the Aquarium, went to a some dinners, watched a lot of Mr. Robot, and took some long walks … I decided I have pudged out a bit and my half hour workouts are not cutting it …. I need more exercise, so I walked 7 miles a day all last week … not going to lie, probably the main reasons I have been neglecting my blog. It lead to some early mornings and late nights, but I did it and I felt great. I took one walk after work one night behind the art museum. It was beautiful, however, upon return, I learned, via facebook, a woman was walking on the same path was hit in the head with a fish. It’s under the catogory “weird news” on channel ten … just saying. I can’t even wrap my head around this story … it is totally nuts.

Confession: I didn’t make it through the week. My walking expeditions sort of came to an end Friday. I went to see Adele on Friday night, she is so charming, it is rediculous. I don’t know why she just wasn’t on stage at age five just being awesome. Anyway, that day I only got a four mile walk in that morning. I meant to walk before the show, but ended up at the bar instead … it’s ok. I had fun. On saturday, I slept in too late, guess I had too many drinks at happy hour, and headed to the shore to my Aunts house without walking. She is 84 and looks amazing. Healthy, happy and full of life …please knock on wood. It was a blast. She told me she was borderline diabetic, but lost weight and cut carbs and it all went away … awesome. I did not feel too guilty about missing my walk, I swam in the water for about an hour and a half … the water was amazing. I had to get out because my eyes started burning from the salt. And, walked about 8 miles. 4 in the morning and 4 after a barbeque with John Paul’s family.. I am so impressed with my dedication.

Last night, my ability to walk was hindered by a bowling outing with work. I went bowling with work last night. That was embarrassing, I am a horrific bowler. I bowled a 54 in the second game, which is really really good for me. And, everyone tries to give me pointers, which are the same pointers I have heard a 100 times from other people and just don’t work … Regardless, it was fun. Good food, good drinks, good people. I am very lucky … I have an excellent work crew.

This morning I had to get up too early for work for a walk and tonight John Paul and I are seeing South Pacific at the Walnut Street Theater. We are season ticket holders and bring the age average down by about twenty years. However, last year, while I was in the bathroom, we almost made friends our age … John Paul apotted another fellow in his mid thirties and went over to talk to him in hopes he was also there with his girlfriend and they would be our new theater best friend. Apparently, it was going well until the guys girlfriend / wife came over and boxed John Paul out of the conversation. Needless to say, the new friendship did not amount to much and we have not seen them since.

Tomorrow, I am back on track …. I am walking because I believe it is such an underated activity. I have always lost a few pounds walking and could really use that right now. I am going to start again tomorrow. And go to yoga .. that’s right.

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