Runners Beware!! Put Safety First!!

On my way to work this morning, I was horrified to read of two young women among the running community were brutality attacked, raped and murdered while out running near their homes this past week, one only 27 visiting her family in Massachusetts and the other just 30 in Queens New York …. I am deeply saddened for them and their friends and families. As an avid exercise enthusiast, I love running … it is a time dedicated to me. A time to clear my head and just live in the moment! Any attack is awful, however, to be running, free and happy and suddenly, out of nowhere, stopped by a vicious, brutal attack is devastating and so very scary … I shutter at the very thought.

Over this past weekend, there was a run dedicated to these women in New York. Obviously, I missed that, plus it was a little far, however, I wanted to use my blog, which I absolutely love, to make my own small tribute.

According to the Philly Metro, in regards to running, Philadelphia has not encountered any recent brutal attacks … knock on wood. However, it doesn’t hurt to be prepared with resources available to us as women in the running community.


Is Mace legal in Philadelphia and in PA, yes! According to the most recent article I could find, Pepper Spray Laws in the United States, PA has no restrictions. Mace kind of scares me … what if I spray myself in the face? I did some research and didn’t find any tips on avoiding self inflicted harm other than common sense … do not point spray at self and keep the safety on at all times. However, in my search I stumbled upon Pepper Spray for Self Defense … no safety tips, but a very thorough article on the history and effects of pepper spray in addition to a plethora of helpful facts … It’s good. Give it a read.

Where to buy Mace in Pepper Spray in Philadelphia

I Goldberg Army & Navy
1300 Chestnut St
Philadelphia, PA 19107
(215) 925-9393

Rittenhouse Hardware
2001 Pine St
Philadelphia, PA 19103
(215) 735-6311

Dicks Sporting Goods
Purchase online

Self Defense

Self defense classes are frequently offered through out the city. Here are the first nine I found on Google:

Browse around … check them out! Pick what is right for you.

In the interim, stay safe, pick up some mace and, as always, Happy Running!!

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