Beating the heat!! Working out in a heat wave is hard!!

This heat wave has got to go! Usually, I am a summer chick, but 99 degrees feels like 107 is too much. I don’t remember ever having a summer this hot in my entire life. It is really hindering my work outs … I feel awful. Lethargic, lazy, and cranky. Wednesday and Thursday, I skipped the gym because I was so hot, I could not bare the thought of sweating. And Friday, well Friday turned into a mess. John Paul and I went to the Craft Beer store for a flight and ended up trying all thirty beers on tap. It’s as bad of an idea as it sounds. ‘
Finally, today, Sunday, I dragged myself to the gym for a five mile run. It was fantastic. I felt like I could run forever!!

Running in the heat.

I must remind myself of the following to not fall out of working out in the future …. I know what to do. I just have to do it.
This blurb is nothing scientific, just a few things I have figured out through the years that make me feel good.
1. Drinking lots and lots of water, but not too much water … too much makes it hard to run. I start sipping 16 ounces of water before running and continue with a 24 ounce squirt bottle during my run and as much as needed after to no longer feel thirsty.
2. Electrolytes… water is not enough. A Gatorade or v]Vitamin Water post workout does wonders. The calorie free ones … don’t want to undo my workout.
3. A scoop of peanut butter after each workout, but just one scoop. Not the full jar.
4. Sweating cools the body down. My comment above about not wanting to sweat anymore is silly and ridiculous. Just an excuse to be lazy. I would have felt better in the long run if I sweat more.
5. A cool shower. Always amazing after a hard workout.

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