Philly Free Streets. I am a curmudgeon.

Today, I am feeling the effects of 35. My 35 year old self is a curmudgeon and I feel terrible about it. Everyday, small occurrences remind me I am aging, but today, my mid thirties mind set and all its awfulness is heightened by the event,Open Streets Philly. Last year, I would have been elated by this concept. I would have gotten up at 7 am on a Saturday with John Paul in toe for a day jammed packed with physical activity. I would have acquired a bike and gone the full ten miles one way and ten miles back and wandered around until someone kicked me out. This year, I want nothing to do with this event. It sounds awful. Crowded, bikes wizzing by, and people running in front of me at a diagonal … In my old age, I hate all of those things. And, most importantly, what is everyone doing with their cars??? All cars left on the street will be towed after 3am Saturday morning?? Is that even allowed?

I have changed! What has happened to me? This is no way to be, but I couldn’t help it …. All of these negative things thoughts just popped in my head. Fortunately, that is only my emotional side. The side that cried at 50 First Dates the other night!!! I’m nuts. My reasonable side knows this is a fantastic program to get Philadelphians up and moving, which, even at 35, excites me more than I can describe. When I moved back to the Philly area 7 years ago, Philly was in the top five fattest cities in the United States. I remember because I was appalled and disgusted. Now, according to Salon.Com, we are not even in the the top ten … the unfortunate ten are: Memphis, TN, Shreveport, LA, Indianapolis, IN, Jackson, MS, New Orleans, LA, Chattanooga, TN, Mobile, AL, San Antonio, TX, Greenville, SC and Little Rock, AR … Instead, Philadelphia has made it to the fourth best walking city in the United States …. That is amazing!! I still have no intention of attending Open Streets Philly …. I am staying home to paint my bedroom in the suburbs, which, hopefully, will allow my cranky ways to subside enough to wish all the ambitious folks attending a fantastic day … It will be a blast!!!

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