Full Body Workout

The workout below is kind of a no brainer. I love it because it is a quick, full body workout that can be done almost anywhere. I learned in from Sargent Nate at Professional Touch Fitness in Philadelphia. Sargent Nate is the best … he conducts an amazing boot camp class where each training session consists of a variety of exercises to keep your heart pumping and mind interested.

During the year I spent working out with Sargent Nate he taught me to do the following if ever I needed something quick and too the point:
What it is:
Warm up: Depending on space and time, I warm up with a quick ten minute jog or 50 jumping jacks.

  • 100 Burpees
  • 100 Rowers
  • 100 Squats
  • 100 Push-ups
  • 2 minutes of planking

I can do none of these exercises a 100 in a row nor do I want to … it’s boring. So, I often break them up into sets of 25 and run a quarter to a half mile in between each set. Or, I break them up into sets of 25 and do 25 kettlebell swings or 25 jumping jacks or any type of cardio between each one … so, 25 burpees, 25 Rowers, 25 Squats, 25 Push-ups, 30 second plank and 25 jumping jacks repeated 3 more times. If I am really in a hurry or have limited space, I use the burpees as the breakup exercise.

I have used this workout in a hotel room on vacation, when I have slept in late or when its cold out and I just don’t want to go to the gym. Additionally, while effective alone, this workout can also be added to the end of any cardio training. I find it an excellent end to my runs. It is my go to workout when I don’t feel like thinking about anything … when i just want to zone out and get my groove on!