Family Trip to Atlantic City

Proceeding my trip to D.C. was a day of rest followed by a mini trip to Atlantic City. Booking Atlantic City was much more challenging then D.C. … 2 hours and 15 phone calls later, we landed at the Tropicana through It turns out the prices are much higher when you call the Tropicana directly and going through PriceLine saved us one hundred and eleven dollars and turned our king size bed plus cot into two queen size beds. It was a win / win situation.

Atlantic City started off the same as Washington … a quick three mile run and one of my mom’s green smoothies consisting of spinach, whey protein, lemon, unsweetened almond milk and blueberries … I tried to get my mom to participate in blogging with me as she loves to cook and take pictures, but she has yet to contribute … stand by. We drove down to 58th street beach in Ocean City to spend the day at the beach before heading to the Tropicana, 58th street beach has a bathroom and place to rinse your feet, plus it is never overly crowded. It is just a nice place to be.

The water was perfect … big frequent waves and warm water, but not to warm! It was refreshing! After a day of swimming and relaxing we headed to the Tropicana, which was a bout a half hour drive through Margate and Vetnor .. it was a Sunday night … the highway would have been packed with traffic. Our room at the Tropicana was beautiful … spacious and comfy with an excellent view. The Tropicana is like a small city below. You don’t have to go outside for days, which is a good thing because it started to pour right after we arrived. Despite the small city at our finger tips, finding a place for dinner proved a challenge. We started at Casa Taco where we were squished in a corner next to a large family with a screaming baby. Apparently all the other tables were being held for reservations, we promptly downed our margaritas vacated the restaurant and headed to Carmines … a family style Italian restaurant. i have been to the once in D.C. and loved it, but Carmines is not really a place for my parents … they a finicky eaters. My mom kept saying “we could never agree on one thing.” I explained I would eat whatever they wanted and quickly figured out they did not want anything on the menu. I downed my double glass of wine and we headed to our third restaurant … PF Changs. The wait was too long and we were too tipsy at this point to have another drink without any food, so we left. We ended up grabbing a quick bite at Marketplace Express. We are wackos!! Four restaurants in one night? Traveling with parents presents it’s challenges! But, it was perfect. Everyone got what they wanted and it was delicious. Since it stopped raining, we we exploring the boardwalk … it was a lovely way to end a lovely day!!

The next morning, I was too tire to go running on the beach as I had planned. Instead, we packed up and started our day with brunch at Bungalow Restaurant and Lounge. It was beautiful and tasty. We all got the same thing ….an omelette filled with feta, spinach and mushrooms. My mouth is watering just thinking of it now. Proceeding our meal and a heavy application of sun screen, we headed back to 58th beach in Ocean City for the day. The Atlantic City beach looked just as lovely. It has bathrooms and a shower as well, but I grew up going to Ocean City beaches and it just felt like an Ocean City kind of day.

Upon arrival, I immediately jumped in the water. It was freezing and completely flat from the rain the night before … not a single wave. It looked like a lake. We spent the day lounging on the beach reading, taking walks and swimming! It was such a happy day we didn’t end up home till 10pm that night and I am still yearning for more … Can’t wait for my next excursion, stay tuned!!

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