Eating, Drinking, Walking, Exploring Williamsburg, NY

John Paul and I just finished a fantastic weekend eating, drinking and walking with our friends through Brooklyn … I miss it all already!!

We began our excursion reuniting with our friends from Boston and settling into an Airbnb in Williamsburg, NY. With no plan except to find food, we set out to see where the night would go … A bit of exploring, landed us at The Brooklyn Star. Excellent find … the food was incredible! As a table, we shared homemade Corn bread with chunks of bacon. For dinner, John Paul and I split fried steak served with creamy mashed potatoes, bacon and cole slaw. It was perfect. I sort of wish we had ordered the mac and cheese as a table .. I was the weirdo staring at another table sharing it … It looked so good. However, honestly, another dish would have been ridiculous. We had more than enough food. No one even finished what we had!!

Saturday, I got up early to go to Abhyasa Yoga, but missed the 8am class due to lazziness and didn’t want to to be the jerk holding up the rest of our group by going to the 10am class. I settled for a run … just a thirty minute jog … it was like a getting to know the neighborhood during the day jog. The morning continued with a breakfast at Bagel Smith, a bagel shop around the corner. I scarfed down lox and cream cheese on an everything bagel with an iced coffee … it was delicious, but, the best part of this stop was the woman handing out cookies at the door. She barely spoke english and wore no type of clothing indicating who she who she worked for and was accompanied by a strange man lurking in the corner. She handed out scrumptious light wafer cookie in the shape of a tube filled with caramel … I have no idea if her presents was authorized by the Bagel Smith, but I am glad she was there.

Following breakfast, we began wandering though the Hasidic Jew section of Brooklyn towards Fort Greene Flea. It was an awesome walk. Being the Sabbath, everything was closed, but it was interesting to take in the culture of the neighborhood … buildings and buses with Yidish writing, heavy traditional clothing even in the heat of the summer and children’s toys strewn through the safe streets of this seemingly tight nit community. After winding our way for about five miles, we took a break at Moot Bar for a round of Megaritas. They were strong. Very strong. So, a now slightly tipsy adventure team made it to Fort Greene Flea. It was alright. A parking lot partly filled with random abandon items. I know that is what a flea market is, but I was more expecting a closed off street with a lot more of something.

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Anyway, after the flea market, we ended up at a record store, where John Paul found a record with a magic eye cover for our Airbnb host … no, we do not know him, but it just seemed like the perfect addition to our hosts decor. And, we purchased a smurf album for 1 dollar that we will hang in the blue room of our house. It is perfect.


Exhausted, we ubered it to our next stop, Zona Rosa!!! Amazing. I had Tacos De Pollo con Mol, which I selected because the menu description mentioned “chef secret family mole recipe” and I feel like it’s difficult to go wrong with secret family recipes … I was correct!


We all accompanied our meals with the special, frozen watermelon margarita served in a watermelon. Very refreshing. And, at the end, we scrapped the margarita soaked watermelon from the grind … good idea!


We spent the rest of the evening in the airbnb drinking Titos and playing games!!

The next morning, we slept in and started off the day with a Bells Two Harded. We weren’t going to carry it around and couldn’t let them go to waste. We continued on with Brunch at 10 Devoe Pizza. Another gem we randomly stumbled upon on our Brooklyn adventure. The whole menu looked fantastic … I went with 10 Devoe Hash: slab bacon, roasted brussel sprouts and onions, and two sunny eggs over a thick slice of spicy toast and washed it down with a mimosa. It was even better then it sounds.

Sadly, the conclusion of brunch, meant the departure of our friends. It was time for John Paul and I to go our separate way. Left to our own devices, we opted to walk from Brooklyn to Penn Station via the Williamsburg Bridge … with our suit cases! Our walk included crazy stares from fellow pedestrians and honks from cabs both perplexed by our decision to truck around the city with rolling suite cases. But none of that mattered … the walk was gorgeous and we had a blast!! It was the perfect ending to a fantastic weekend!


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