No rest days in August … #cfgstreak

This week has been a really fun!! I didn’t make anymore new dishes after my sucessfull smoothie and salad endeavors on Monday, but, as previously mentioned, I’m doing the City Fit Girl Challenge (#cfgstreak)…. 31 days straight of physical activity through the month of August. I’m not going to lie, it has helped me immensely. I understand this may sound dramatic as it has only been five days, but there have been several occassions throughout the week where I would have taken a rest day and didn’t. I pushed myself to get up and keep moving. It also got me to take more pictures, which I often forget. But, in this instance, I was motivated by fear. Fear of being the chick with the boring tweets .. Worked like a charm!!!

I previously shared my Monday workout, so I begin my post with Tuesday … my girlfriend and I had a dinner date. I was lucky, ordinarily dinner after work means an early morning wake up to exercise, but she is a workout machine. We decided to go to go to CorePower Yoga before our outing… we took corepower 2. It kicked my butt. By the end, I was dazed from the intensity of the workout … my hands were waterlogged and my hair drenched in sweat. I loved it, but was sure I would be sore in the next day or two.
Wednesday, I wasn’t sore at all!! However, as the day moved on, I got tired. So much so, I may have ordinarily taken a I rest day, but I pushed through and took a little two mile run after work. I’m so glad I did. I didn’t need a rest day at all. Three minutes in, all the tiredness washed away and I was trucking!!
I celebrated Thirsty Thursday with a post work happy hour. However, this time, I was with folks unwilling to join me for an intense sweaty yoga class before the bar … that means I had to get up at 5:30 am for kettlebells in my family room. This serves as another example when I may have nixed the workout, turned over and gone back to sleep, but I’m too damn competitive for that… Sadly, my kettlebell photo is not uploading … http error. I can’t fix it now as I’m on a train, but I can describe what I did… I used a routine previously mentioned in this blog from Be Well Philly.
Try it!! It’s full body … My favorite:

20 kettlebell swings
10 squat thrusts with high pull
20 reverse lunges with kettlebell
10 pullovers
20 kettlebell crunches
10 lateral lunges with overhead press
20 kettlebell chest presses
10 lunge rows
20 ab twists

This morning, I got up for a quick mile run … that counts according to the CFG Streak criteria …
Now, John Paul and I are on our way to NYC to visit some friends. I brought my workout clothes in hope the opportunity to exercise presents itself. Im looking for a yoga class or quick run … maybe even my own workout in the airbnb, otherwise, I will pick up where I left off Monday … looking forward to a fantastic weekend!!!

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