Black Cherry Spinach Smoothie

I guess this was my week of cherry spinach smoothies. I actually didn’t even notice until I started writing this post, but it really happened because of my love of Ciobani Black Cherry Yogurt! And because I didn’t feel like / did not have time to go to the store an used what was in my house, which was …

  • Spinach … about 2 large handfuls
  • Ciobani Black Cherry Yogert .. one single container
  • Banana … one medium
  • Orange Juice … 1 cup
  • Splenda packet … 1 packet
  • Ice

Calories: 375 ish
Spinach: 14 | Yogurt: 120 | Banana: 120 | Orange Juice: 120

I am proud. It was delicious and reasonable in calorie intake and I didn’t mess up the recipe because i made it up, however, all of the ice I used turned this into a three 12 oz cup servings … I just slipped slowly throughout the morning to get all of my folic acid in. This was actually my second banana of the day. I had a banana when I woke up because I had a crazy Charley horse last night that seemed to go on forever … my leg hurt all day and I was told bananas might help. Bananas, magnesium, staying active and good footwear. Magnesium is in my prenatal vitamin and I don’t want to overdo it, I’m very active and good footwear is out because my feet are so swollen two sizes larger … good thing for summer and a laid back work environment. So, more bananas it is.

My husband also showed me a trick he learned on Reddit to rinse the blender without scrubbing, which is to put water in the blender and run it … with the lid on. This might sound obvious, but I thought it was pretty groundbreaking information. It worked like a charm. So that is exciting.

I preferred this smoothie to me Cherry Spinach Almond, but I think that is because it was so sweet and the pregnant version of myself is dying for sugar … all of the time.

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